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“Millree is the consummate public relations professional, and his expertise and skill have proven invaluable in developing marketing and communication programs for nonprofit organizations. His experience with media management and relations, damage control, and crisis management is unparalleled. He is always the star player on any team.”

David Litwack, Executive Director, Save A Child’s Heart Foundation

“MiIlree’s and my careers have intersected at a number of points over the past 20 years or so. I have always considered him a first-rate communications and marketing professional, a strategic thinker, and an astute manager of people and projects. He's a warm and engaging person who presents himself well; and is someone with low ego needs who is outstanding in working cooperatively with others. I can recommend Millree most highly.”

Roland King, Senior Strategic Communications Advisor, PhairAdvantage Communications

“Millree is a top PR professional who manages a complex, multi-level organization with a broad audience ranging from students, parents, and alumni of UMCP to the greater public and all-important state policymakers. He's always balanced, poised, and professional -- a great communicator and strategist for higher education leaders.”

John Buettner, Associate Vice President for Digital Communications at Stevenson University

“I've had the pleasure to witness Millree work with groups whose missions on the surface differ, but with his patience and skill he's able to bring them into singular focus and accomplish the task currently in front of them. As someone who is well positioned to manage the political, fiscal and cultural realities that face organizations, Millree is a skilled communicator who can build institutional capacity and who has provided significant direction for several years to our $1B organization. Especially when the issue was particularly sensitive, Millree managed the challenge successfully -- resolving the matter and preserving reputational (read: priceless) assets.”

Laura Anderson Wright, University Counsel, University of Maryland College Park

“Millree is a consummate professional, serving as an excellent ambassador for the University. I highly valued his well thought out perspectives on a wide variety of media issues and trusted his professional judgment. Millree has superb interpersonal skills and is very adept at building positive relationships. He repeatedly demonstrated his leadership skills and his commitment to the staff, faculty and students while at the University of Maryland. I am very glad to have had the opportunity to work with him as a colleague.”

Warren Kelly, PhD, Assistant Vice President, University of Maryland

I would unreservedly recommend Millree Williams as a business coach. My 1:1 coaching session with Millree resulted in an immediate productivity boost and broke the logjam on the challenge I was facing. Millree is an active listener who built immediate rapport. Although unfamiliar with my business, he was able to quickly grasp the problem with incisive questions and then pivot to a step by step approach toward problem-solving. Millree suggested ideas that I hadn't previously considered viable and made me accountable to a specific measurable timeline (he also didn't let me sidestep his questions, and pushed back candidly when, at one point, I evaded answering). In short, if you are looking for an effective coach, Millree Williams is an excellent choice.

Shelby Slater, Co-Founder, Supercrush

“I didn’t feel like I was being “coached.” Although Millree is a friend of mine, he connects like a friend with everyone he coaches. He offered good, practical ideas that he suggested one at a time. He listened, asked questions first and is not at all pretentious that he knows your business. Top notch.” 

Michael Purcell, Field Underwriter, Equis Financial

“I had the opportunity to work with Millree on two major efforts at the University of Maryland College Park. The first involved our creating a new school - The University of Maryland School of Public Health and Millree played a significant role in the branding and launch process planning; and, on the rollout of a large research center to be created in the School of Public Health, the Maryland Center for Health Equity. 
Millree was a joy to work with, very professional, and helped lead those successful efforts. As Dean of the School of Public Health I was very appreciative of his efforts and impact on our work.”

Robert S. Gold, former Dean School of Public Health, University of Maryland

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